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Our Oil, Gas and Energy Companies

To handle the plenty of the projects, programs and packages referred to the Future Trends International by national governments, local Chinese governments, national oil systems, and major private enterprises in oil and gas and energy sector, Future Trends has established several joint companies in partnership with prominent groups where Future Trends is a stakeholder and is paid to run and manage these platforms (companies) and bring in its valuable resources and expertise.

Our Oil, Gas and Energy Companies

Pan Sino Energy Development Co., Ltd.
Pan Sino Energy Development Co., Ltd. is a member of the Central Communist Party University enterprises (ZhongJi Enterprises), and the only one in such system specializing in oil and gas and petrochemical industry. Its core business is to invest in upstream oil block exploration overseas and downstream petrochemical industry in China.

Pan Sino Energy enjoys the unique ability to gain access to overseas oil and gas resources, foreign capital and full governmental support and thereby to operate extensive domestic and international oil, gas and energy projects.

China’s former Minister of Petroleum, Mr. Wang Tao, and the topmost figure in the finance field in China, Mr. Liu HongRu are respectively Chairman of Oil and Gas, and Chairman of the Finance Advisory Committee of PanSino Energy Development Co., Ltd.

Aroma International Group
Aroma international Group is an investment vehicle set up specially in Hong Kong, a sub-company of which, Aroma Oil Storage Co., Ltd, specializes in the storage of oil and gas and petrochemicals. The company has acquired 2.2 square kilometers of land in north of Shanghai and is initiating the project of 1.2 million cubic meters of multiple use oil and liquid tank farms in Yangkou Port of Jiangsu China.

Era International Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Era International Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (EIP) is a privately owned, government backed oil company registered in British Virgin Islands. The company is assigned to invest in and set up China’s strategic oil reserves and secure large-scale supplies of crude and other resources world-wide.

Wanbang Oil & Natural Gas Co., Ltd.
Wanbang Oil & Natural Gas Co., Ltd. is an investment and trading company in oil and natural gas industry. It invests in developing oil and natural gas blocks domestically and overseas and has kept a good cooperation relationship with relevant departments of China National Petroleum Corporation and China Petroleum Industry.

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