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Our Global Resources:
The vast, in-depth, and high-caliber global resources and first-hand networks of Future Trends, numbering in excess of several millions of direct top connections, include the following categories:
  1. Heads of State of Numerous Countries; 
  2. Royal Families in the Gulf Region, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Other Regions; Totaling Over Several 100s of Royalties;
  3. National, Provincial, and Municipal Government Leadership; Surpassing 1,000s of Leaders; 
  4. Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Director Generals; Totaling Over 1,000 Leaders;
  5. Financial Institutions, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Royal Families Capitals, Banks, Pension Funds, Family Offices, Fund-of-Funds, Funds, and Investor Communities; Totaling Some 10,000 Institutions & Capital Owners;
  6. Enterprises in All Industrial Sectors Globally;
  7. Vast Number of Teams and Multiple Offices or Joint Offices in all the Seven Continents; 
  8. Prominent Personalities across the Globe Supporting Future Trends;
  9. Media Channels and Institutions.

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